“The Sky has Countless Directions”

The sky ha

Marko wrote: “The sky has countless directions.”


I replied:


If we could move freely at will within dimensions we are not currently aware of, it would look to our neighbors like we were doing magic.


When I was at the particularly magical age of 11, I was fascinated by the concept of dimensions as described in the book Flatland. I would stretch my mind trying to conceive of a dimension beyond our familiar spacetime. The effort was possibly futile, but not entirely profitless.


By way of analogy, thinking of the sphere visiting Flatland, as illustrated by the video clip below, I did understand that if we could move through Time at will, we could stand on one side of a wall, move through time (without moving in the other three dimensions of space) until the wall wasn’t there yet, or was no longer there. Then we would move through space to the other side of where the wall would be, then move back through time to when we started, and it would look to our friends like we had walked through the wall.


It wasn’t until just now, as I was halfway through watching this video, that I thought of another aspect of this analogy.


In the book, the visitor is a sphere, so he appears to the square as a circle that grows larger and smaller as it passes through the Flatland plane.

Ahhhh… but in this video, the visitor is an Apple! So… the apple has those little bulges on the bottom, and those bulges that are easily seen to us as certainly integral parts of the whole apple — in Flatland, when the apple first appears, it would look like it were FOUR SEPARATE OBJECTS!


What clearly appears to be 4 separate beings, when viewed from a perspective of limited dimensional awareness, we could *easily* see as all one being when seen from an awareness of more dimensions! (the “countless directions” of your original post)


With a perceptual awareness of dimensions beyond the 4 we are familiar with, what we think of as separate beings might be easily seen as all one.


Straws in the Soda. Bumps on an apple.


Well, it’s just an idea.

The Illusion of the Self. (Straws in the soda.)

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